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art workshops for adults

Unleash your creativity and discover your unique artistic voice in an art workshop with Doreen McNeill.


Doreen offers one on one or one on two abstract painting workshops, in a fun and supportive studio environment.  Together you will examine content, creativity, and personal expression. Design strategies and principles concerning abstract and non-objective compositions will be used to identify your unique and personal approach to art making.   


Doreen will guide your through specialized instruction in colour selection, brush work, composition, and abstract painting techniques including how to incorporate coloured pencils, mixed media, and other subtractive methods to create a variety of surface and sub-surface textures. An array of non-traditional tools will be used to build layers and add depth to your paintings. Intuitive and experimental processes will encourage you to explore and work intuitively.


You will need some experience with acrylic paint in order to attend the workshop.

After seeing Doreen's amazing story on "Colour in your life" I flew to New Zealand from Sydney, Australia to have a two day workshop with Doreen. I must say I learned so much and picked up a lot of new techniques.  To have the opportunity to see an artist work in person, is an amazing experience and I had many "aah-haa" moments as the intricacies of her work unfolded before me.  It was such a pleasure to be with a teacher who was still excited by art and open to experimentation and discovery.

Cara Letho
Sydney, Australia



I recently spent a wonderful day with Doreen having been inspired from watching 'Colour in your Life'. I formed a picture of her from the programme and on meeting her she is all I hoped she would be as a person and a teacher. I love how she is able to convey her attitude of freedom in her teaching and I have come away with a better understanding and big excitement to go forward. I will most definitely go back for more.


Patricia Mortensen

New Zealand

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